Nails Enhancements


Acrylic Overlay $60
Acrylic Full Set Tips $65
Acrylic Full Set Gel $70
Acrylic Fill In $45
Acrylic Fill In Gel $50

IBD UV Gels and Solar Gel

IBD UV Gel Nails $70
IBD UV Gel Nails with Gel Color $80
IBD Gel Fill In $50
IBD Gel Fill In with Gel Color $55
Pink & White Full Set UV Gel Top $90
Pink Refill $55
Double Refill UV Gel Top $80
Extra Long Nails $15 Add
Extra Coating Gel $10 Add
Single Nail Repair $10 Add

Manicure - Dip Powders (New)

Basic Manicure $25
Basic Mani & Pedi $65
Gel Mani $37
Regular Pedi $40
Regular Pedi & Gel Mani $75
Dip Powder $55
Dip Ombre $70
Dip French $60
Dip French W Tip $70
Dip/w tip $60


Jelly Pedicure $90

It may look like an ordinary powder for a bath; however, Jelly Pedi takes spa in a pedicure to a different level. When the jelly powder is added to warm water, it instantly starts to transform the consistency of water into translucent fully jelly. Within minutes, what started as a tub full of water evolves into a luxurious jelly bath, like watching a magic tri&k while invigorating every nerve and tired muscle. Feeling the bits of jelly between the crevice of toes and around the muscles is a very innovative and fun way to enjoy a unique spa experience.
Benefits of Jelly Pedi ^ that the dense jelly mixture massages stressed muscle and acts as a gentle exfoliate. Jelly retains water naturally and combined with fragrant oils in Jelly Pedi, moisturizer, gentle enough for the sensitive skins. Compared to water, jelly holds water temperature four times longer, ideal for spa
Jelly Pedi is composed of natural plant extracts and plant oils; combined with warm water produces a warm gelatinous mixture perfect for soaking. After submerging feet into jelly and exfoliating away the impurities simply add mineral sea salt into the jelly back into the water for easy drainage. Luxury in Jelly Pedi the ultimate spa pedicure experience
*** Paraffin included ***

Green Tea Honey Spa $80

Green Tea is packed with health and beauty benefits that can be maximized when applied directly to the skin. Fight free radical damage and promote overall health.
1. (Soak) Soak in powerful antioxidants, preserve younger-looking skin. Enjoy, a therapeutic benefit of a green tea spa pedicure feet are softened in a green tea soak.
2. (Scrub) exfoliate your skin with a green tea scrub. It washes away dead skin, dirt, and odor as it dissolves in water.
3. (Mask) Green tea soothing & hydrating mask is a restorative skin mask that smoothers, softens will draws in moisture where you need it while smoothing and relaxing.
4. (Callus softener) formulated with glycerin penetrates deeply into the skin and protects heels and feet. Skin feels smooth and soft, fresh and energized.
5. (Massage Gel) Healthy benefits massage gel offers significantly. This rich formula contains powerful antioxidants of Green tea. Promote healthy circulation and Help fight free radicals
6. (Cream) Soften, soother, and condition your skin with our super moisturizing feet infused with a blend of real Honey and fragrant Green Tea extract to help calm and condition dry skin
** Paraffin **

Regular Pedicure $40
Organic Marine Spa Pedicure $55

1. Soak with Sea Salt

2. Gently exfoliating with Aloe vera & vitamin E sea salt scrub

3. Cooling gel applies on both feets

4. Healing therapy Spearmint mask detoxifying, purifying foot treatment with Aloe vera & Vitamin E wraps with hot towels

5. Gently Massage with hot stone

On Sen, Hot Spring Spa Pedicure $60

Benefit of OnSen/ Hot spring: Onsen offer excellent care for your skin by keeping it soft and moisturized. It prevents skin troubles from dryness. Rich hydrat and awakened. eaves the skin and senses refreshed
1. Soak in citrus & Honey essence and Luxuriate in aroma Therapy.
2. Gently massage with Honey Scrub over feet and legs; exfoliating the impurities, unveiling youth skin.
3. Lather the mask over legs and feet, savoring the tingling sensation.
4. Generously massage feet and legs with massage cream soothing the tired muscles.
5. Finish by applying the cream. Rich hydration leaves the skin and senses. Refreshed and awakened

Premium Pearl Spa Pedicure $70

Benefit of Pearl Spa: Contains a natural moisturizer. Keep skin clear and smooth, leaving it with a sheer radiant glow.
1. Pearl Soak: a unique bath foot treatment that relaxes as is it improves the texture of feet. Gently help relieve dry skin.
2. Pearl Moisturizing Cleanser: is a foaming cleanser made especially for spa pedicure preparation.
Gently and thoroughly cleanses with a rich silky lather that washes away surface oils and debris.
3. Pearl Sugar Scrub: a gentle exfoliate and skin softener. Effectively buffs away dry skin and surface cells to reveal fresher, more vibrant skin beneath. Rich moisturizer helps restore skin's silky texture.
4. Pearl Mask: a unique skincare mask that smoothes, softerns and de-stresses rough, tired feet. Rich, creamy softness pamper feet with moisture and nourishment while lightly stimulating
circulation to help ease fatigue and stress.
5. Massage Cream: White mineral oil is an incredibly rich moisture treatment that soothes smoothes and softens dry rough

French or Designs $5 Extra
Paraffin Treatment $10 Extra
Add Gel $15 Extra

Express Services

Change Toes $20
Change Shellac $28 / $30
Change Nails $15
Change Artificial Nails $25 + Gel $35
French Added $5 / $10
Soak Off Acrylic Only $20
Remove & New Set & Gel $85 +
Take Off Gel Only $10
Take Off Dip Powder Only $15
Soak Off with Regular Manicure $45
Buff Shine $5
2 Designs, 10 Designs $6 $10, $15 - $20 - $25
Remove Acrylic with Full Set $90

Children Services

(9 Years & Under)

Polish Change for Nails $12
Polish Change for Toes $14
Kids Manicure $15
Kids Pedicure $30
Combo Kids Mani/Pedi $45 +

Wax Services


Eyebrows $14
Lips $12
Chin $12
Forehead $10
Side $15
Arm (Full, Half, Under) $45 ,$35,$20


Full +Bikini $80 +
Back Wax $50 +
Upper W/Bikini $60
Lower $40
Bikini $30
Brazilian $70 +